Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

About Briefly Kopi Luwak

The best coffee to satisfy your needs of coffee lovers.

Civet coffee flavor and aroma characteristic suitable for you who want the best sensation a real coffee drink.

Civet coffee is very popular, even in foreign countries like America Civet Coffee prices are very expensive and become the world's most expensive coffee. Costly Coffee Luwak is equivalent to the incredible aroma and limitations in nature.

Coffee fame is believed that myth in the past, when the coffee plantation was opened large-scale during the reign of the Dutch East Indies until the decade of the 1950s, where there was still a lot of animals like civet civet.
Mongoose animal delighted to find a good enough fruits including coffee fruit as food. Coffee beans from the best fruit that is very popular mongoose, after eating discarded along with feces, which previously fermented in the stomach mongoose. Coffee beans like this, in the past often hunted coffee farmers, because it is believed to come from the best coffee beans and fermented naturally. And according to belief, this Luwak coffee taste is really different and special among the fans and coffee lovers

Here, we are ready to serve and deliver Civet Coffee Original to your home