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enlargeBrewing Luwak Coffee

enlargeBrewing Luwak Coffee

Brewing this specialty coffee is not too much different than any other coffees. The Italian-made espresso machines most likely deliver the best result to enjoy this coffee. The crema (the rich golden layer on the top of fresh brewed espresso) presents the hint of caramel when you taste this Luwak coffee.

For most coffee lovers, the taste is not comparable with other coffees. Not a single hint of bitterness with a delicious sweet taste coating in your mouth at the end. However, the result may vary depending on the type of espresso machine/drip coffee maker that you are using and the water temperature.

Each 4oz bag of Luwak Coffee beans is enough to make exactly ten shots of espresso (23 grams per shot) or approximately 12 cups of regular black coffee.

Always grind the right portion of coffee beans upon brewing. Do not grind more that what you are going to use at the time, because coffee grounds lose their aroma very quickly.


Coffee Recipe: How to make a perfect Latte at home

How to make a perfect cup of Caramel Latte?


* 8oz liquid evaporated milk

* two shots caramel topping, plus additional topping, for drizzle

* two tablespoons kopi Luwak Coffee beans (Arabica NOT Robusta) or Premium Sumatra Coffee beans (Arabica) for making 2 shots espresso. IMPORTANT: Robusta coffee is best for making black coffee only!

Step by step:

1. Place 2 shots caramel toping on the bottom of 16oz mug.

2. Make 2 shots of espresso into the cup.

3. Mix well the caramel and espresso

4. Steam evaporated milk in a small froth milk stainless container.

5. Carefully pour the milk into the cup. Spoon the milk foam on the top.

6. Thinly drizzle foam with caramel topping, use your creativity to create a decorative drizzle.

Now you can enjoy a perfect cup of Caramel Latte!

Created by Luwak Coffee Specialty In House Barista.

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